Thursday, 29 July 2010

My Daily Telegraph work experience

My work experience at The Daily Telegraph in London was amazing. Not only did I get to meet one of my journalist heroes Hilary Alexander but she gave me an Anna Sui jacket too! OK so it doesn't fit but it's the gesture that counts. Hilary also told me that the University I am going to, Nottingham Trent University is a good choice for the field of work I want to pursue, Fashion Journalism. 

During my time at The Telegraph I promoted an in-office fashion sale, organised look books, answered phones, set up interviews, sent back (and touched) beautiful designer sample pieces from fashion shoots and didn't make a single coffee once. The internship also led on to more work experience for the fashion supplement, Stella magazine, where I made close friends with another intern.

The highlight to the last day was when I was told that I could 'come back whenever.' That made me realise that I had made an impact and had done my best. The Daily Telegraph isn't Vogue or Elle but it is a highly respectable company with world-renowned employees that I have managed to make an impression on. Start small in work experience and you will reap the rewards. 

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  1. This sounds amazing; the Telegraph's fashion is very renowned even though it may not be Vogue! Flattered that you were already following my blog - is lovely to put a face to the person behind the screen! Hope you had a super rest of fash week- sounds like you did on reading your post. We should organise a NORTHERN bloggers meet up, as you said - everything is in bloody London!

    Helen, x


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