Friday, 10 January 2014

New Hair: John Frieda 4GB Dark Chocolate Brown

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My hair was getting a little wishy washy from my dip dye look, so I went back to my all over brunette style with the trusty John Frieda 4GB Dark Chocolate Brown colouring kit at £9.99. I'm getting subtle highlighting around my face next week to give some added dimension but for now I have a rich, deep and saturated shade with multi-tonal red and golden hues. I did a GIF to represent the process for dying hair using this specific colouring kit but these are some types at home-colouring tips in general:

- Wash you hair no little than 24 hours before dyeing. Your hairs natural oils are very important when dyeing. They act as a natural buffer that actually helps attach the colour better and more evenly throughout the hair. So, do not wash your hair and then colour straight away. You'll actually be re-colouring sooner!
- Never go more than two shades lighter or darker in one sitting.
- If you are undecided on a colour, choose the lightest as it is much harder to lift a darker colour.
- You can look at your eye and skin colour to get an idea on what hair colour will suit you. If you are pale, don't go too dark but if you have yellow or olive undertones warm colours will work. However, some people defy these conventions and still pull off a hair colour that shouldn't work. So, trust your instincts. 
- Generally, blue eyed people suit blonde, light brown and brown hair with warm red undertones. Green goes well with copper and chestnut shades whilst brown is noted for its combination to darker shades.
- Those of you with more green veins than blue should opt for warmer shades such as those with 'golden' and 'chocolate' in the title. However, if you have more blue veins than ash shades with colder undertones will compliment your complexion greatest.
- I normally use dip dying kits to highlight my hair. The formula is a great tone for that. Simply select strands of hair around the face and under the hair you want to lift. You can even buy foil and just use the mixture as a highlighting agent and wrap hair up like the pros!
- If you want to try highlights but are worried about bleaching hair and drying it out then when you do dye your hair conditioner and foil the pieces you don't want to get colour on to. Rinse hair dye off and then release hair from foil. Your natural or pre-dyed hair acts as the highlights with no extra peroxide!
- If you don't want you hair colour to go too dark, just take it off a couple minutes before rinsing. This won't effect the developing time or how long you would like the colour to last. Normally colour only takes 10 minutes to take on the hair. This is something I have done from experience but don't know for certain!
- Try not to wash your hair too often as this will strip your colour faster. 


  1. we love this colour on you, and we're also jealous of your waves! Our hair never looks that good after we curl it!! what curling iron do you use?

  2. I don't use curling irons just straighteners! Then brush through :)
    Thanks for your comment!
    Hollie x

  3. Love your blog design! :)

    Mon Petit Billet

  4. Wow you look gorgeous! I have an urge to dip dye my hair. I might even do it tonight.. I'm not even sure why!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  5. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous and so shiny! :)
    Also I love how your top picture changes like that!
    Glad I stumbled across your blog - you've got a new follower here!

  6. You have the most beautiful shiny and healthy hair!!



  7. I love that mousse too, so much easier to apply than regular dye! Your hair looks so nice and shiny, colour definitely suits you :) I've gone quite a dark brown now, I like it but I'm scared I won't be able to get it any lighter now without bleach! xx

  8. The chocolate brown looks gorgeous on you! I just found your blog and love it. I am following you on G+, Bloglovin, and Lookbook. Hope you will follow me back as well. Can't wait to see more of your style.


  9. I love your hair! Also beautiful necklace, where is it from? x

  10. I like how vibrant this range of hair dye is. It turned my jet black hair to a caramel/gingery colour. I used to use this but i couldn't seem to get an even coverage, and I would end up with streaky hair. Maybe I need two bottles each time! x

  11. My necklace is from H&M, but its is a few months old now. Thank you to everyone who has commented I reply personally to all blogs so be sure to check your comments :) xxx

  12. Your hair is such a beautiful chocolate-y brown colour. I went brown last winter and it took me so long to reach this type of chocolate-y shade (my hair kept going way too dark, or would wash out and start to look ginger-y) - if I go brown again, I think I'll give this shade of John Frieda a try (although I do always let my hairdresser take me from blonde to brown first, to avoid any hair disasters!)



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