Monday, 25 October 2010

Erdem Spring/summer 2011 collection

remember hearing about Erdem in 2009 when Elle magazine awarded him the 'Fashion Future Award' and followed up with his collections during London fashion week. He proved very popular with celebrities like Keira knightley and Ashley Olsen wearing his designs. So when I looked into his S/S 2011 collection I was excited to see that he had maintained his magical and elegant touch. 

Although I agree with Alexandra Shulman's comment of the collection - "I'd be interested in seeing what he'd do if he moved it on a fraction - I did feel it was a bit repetitive." I feel that the way he uses simplistic and modern designs integrated with complex graphic and floral patterns is a winning signature collaboration that should not be abandoned any time soon. What I most admire about Erdem's work is how wearable it is. Yes, it may be high-end but it opposes most high-end fashion qualities in the way that it doesn’t feel intimidating or overly-polished. It evokes a subtle vintage quality but with a very modern interpretation. Erdem is respectable as a designer but also as a man who truly understands what women want to and will wear on an everyday basis whilst maintaining a level of sophistication and youthfulness. It is this single factor that makes Erdem’s work universally inspiring.  

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