Friday, 15 October 2010

Whatever the weather street-style

I have realised that us British don't really like to conform when it comes to practicality and fashion. Today I saw a girl roaming the High Street wearing hot-pants (in October!?!) with an umbrella covering her head from the rain. I'd like to add she wasn't wearing tights either. 

Why do we do it? I have rattled my brain considering this question. Why after all our parents’ advice and concern still traipse down town in mini skirts in weather which feels below freezing? 

I am guilty of wearing leggings this summer in heat as high as 25 degrees to cover my non-tanned and sometimes non-shaven legs despite the discomfort.  I have witnessed and been part of such a fashion fopar in my home city but I truly believe this happens all over the UK, even in the more sophisticated domains of Britain. If clothes are an external representation of our attitudes and values then maybe subverting fashion rules is a way of rebelling. For me however, I put on whatever I fancy before checking the forecast and head out anyway. Clothes are too much fun to categorize into strict appropriate means of wear. So, if it is raining let your hair get wet and embrace the extremities. If it is hot and you feel like wearing your favourite sweater, be my guest - just remember your deodorant!

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