Monday, 15 November 2010

London Trip

I ventured out to London on Thursday 11th November along with my fellow University course mates. We went to the V&A exhibition, Diaghilev and the Golden age of the Ballets Russes. It explored the work of artistic director Serge Diaghilev and the 20th century Ballet Russes dance company. The exhibition was about his' theatre like' productions with collaborators such as Chanel.

Beforehand, we had a walk around London. Our lecturers advised us to take a look around Harrdos and so we did. It was early in the day when we first wondered up to the building and as far as first impressions go, it definitely fit the bill for a very large luxury department store. I peered at the window displays, the visuals were on such larger scales to the ones back home. A couple really caught my eye for their use of vibrant colours or varied composition (above). When we went inside I felt intimidated and out of place. I must have been walking around with a 'I can't afford anything here' sign of my forehead because everyone was staring at me (or at least that's what it felt like). Even just feeling the fabric of clothing whilst walking by felt sinful.      

We went to the Design museum which was a ten minute walk away from the tube station in the pouring rain to see the fashion illustration exhibition. That I loved, it was a history of fashion illustrations for Vogue. My favourite illustrators were Rene Gruau (1949-1982) and Antonio (1972). Their work was beautiful; classical but modern. 

It began to get dark and as we made our way back to the coach London lit up. The feeling of Christmas flooded the streets. Harrods was adorned in a light spectacle which honestly warmed the heart. Theirs something about Christmas which just makes me feel happy, safe and loved. Especially now I have moved to Nottingham, I associate Christmas with going back home, back to my roots and my family. For some strange reason seeing London lit up at night made me think of all of that and miss home whilst at the same time feel excited about the future and my inevitable expeditions. 


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