Friday, 10 December 2010

Work for the Clothes Show Live

Since august I have been an official blogger for The Clothes Show and the site is going to be launch in the beginning of 2011. Part of my job is covering Clothes Show events (along with free admission, paid travel expenses and access to the VIP lounge! What is a girl to do?) Me and my good friend Holly set off to Birmingham on Friday 3rd December for my first official Clothes Show scouting mission. In-between the occasional shopping, drinking and eating (there were many distractions) I hunted down some of the best head turning Clothes Show fashionistas with style to boot.

Firstly, I headed towards the vintage area hoping to find retro inspired individuals. My first victim was a lovely woman in a floor length leopard print dress with matching tanned leather belt and brogues. The dress, made for those with lovely long legs was elegantly floaty which contrasted well with the wild and busy print. When she revealed the origin of the dress; H&M and the price which was a very reasonable £29.99 I was surprised, assuming it was a forgotten gem discovered from a kooky boutique. The woman, who came from west London, said she normally did indeed shop in vintage stores such as Beyond Retro. I asked her if she had uncovered any great finds at the Clothes Show that day and she presented a sheer blouse which was leopard print, the girl was obviously in touch with her primal urges.
After another cocktail or two, which was free may I add from a promotional stand, I noticed a rather charming man sporting a 1940's style hat teamed with oxford shoes and grandad jumper - what made the look modern was his curly locks and drainpipe jeans. The gentleman expressed his fondness for charity shops as he announced that, 'the clothes that our elders once wore were the best' - hats off to you sir.

After the show, which was another amazing production inspired by various film genres, I returned to my scouting mission. I spotted a girl in a group wondering around the jewellery stands and there wasn't anything vintage about her. I instantly recognised that her navy cape coat was from Topshop, now £60, which she had styled with wet-look leggings and and hiking boots. Apart from the apparent Topshop advertising she said she was inspired by the likes of Kate Moss and Heidi Klum. Just as the day was coming to a close I made a last find. One very quirky individual with tattoos and a nose piercing caught my eye. She was wearing a purple velvet dress with lace neck collar and pointed shoes. Her rocky but sophisticated vibe reminded me of Fearne cotton's dress sense and it turned out she was one of her idols. She had never been to the Clothes Show before but proclaimed that she had a fantastic day out with her friends -'  fashion, shopping and a show - what's not to like. I shall definitely be returning next year.'

My first official scouting had been a success; I had a wonderful fun filled day, found some truly trendy people and some shopping finds of my own. First Scouting mission, done.

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