Thursday, 21 June 2012

PROMO: Here come the Festivals

EWE Style wellingtons £160, Winter Kate printed jumpsuit available at £345, Monki turquoise Alana belt 15 euro, Monki Rosa hat 20 euro, Monki Gaia necklace 8 euro and Monki Ebony bag 20 euro.

It is pelting it down in Sheffield at the moment and in the spirit of most festival weather I decided to choose today to do a post about the upcoming season of festivals. Actually, I am a bit late as they have already begun but regardless here is my outfit take on the perfect festival wear, if money was no option. The new gorgeous EWE Style wellingtons are predicted favourites for festival goers as they are lined with a soft Merino wool which make them warm and snug during the colder and wetter English days but as the wool is a breathable fabric, they turn into cooler footwear during those rare sunny and hot temperatures. My favourite colours are the French Grey and Cranberry toned but they also come in Classic Fern green, Caramel and Onyx Black. My next big crush is this amazing printed jumpsuit from Winter Kate, it just looks so comfy as it doesn't cling to the body but the main reason for choosing this item for a festival is because it is definitely something that will help you stand out in a crowd; with the pattern in shades of soft teal, sea blue and light purple. Monki do some great cheap buys so I have chosen to complement these rather expensive pieces with more affordable accessories. I wish I was a hat person because I think the range Monki does is ideal for summer festivals and the over the shoulder bag is just the right size for your phone and money - all you really need on you when your singing and dancing along to bands. The necklace and belt just add a bit more glamour, maybe too much for a muddy, crowded and drunken festival outing but I think this outfit can be worn pretty much anywhere. Hope you like it! I am unfortunately not going to any festivals this year but I would love to hear if you are and to which ones. 


  1. Thank you for your suggestions! How cute is this?! I love the jumpsuit, it would make an amazing festival outfit if money was no object!! I'm going to wireless and bestival this year, definitely don't have high hopes for nice weather.

  2. Jealous, I wish I was going to a festival this summer! Enjoy xx


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