Thursday, 20 December 2012

PROMO: Lazy days with Bedroom Athletics

Kim Grey £25, Molly Grape £40, Hazy Cactus Flower Pink £25, Bedroom Athletics PJ bottoms in marine blue.

I'll be the first to admit it - I'm not a joggers kind-of-girl. When it comes to fashion, I don't do sportswear and I don't wear boy's clothes. Sucks hard when the athletic/ 90's grunge look still dominates street style. There isn't anything wrong with it - but the main reasons that I stay clear of gym-styled items is twofold; I'm too much of a girl and it just doesn't suit me. I remember trying on a friend's Vans and laughing at myself in them as they stood out a mile. The size may have fitted me but the design seemed to scream 'I don't normally wear trainers!' Making even my friend declare how funny I looked in them. 

So, what does one wear to slouch around in then, if hoodies and jogging bottoms are out of the equation? Pj's is the answer. They are comfy and lazy but above all still retain a certain feminine quality. I find myself lounging in them more often over the winter months when I'd rather stay at home warm and snug then brace the elements. There's defiantly something humble and heart-warming about a beloved pair of gingham  pyjama bottoms paired with furry slippers. Here's some examples of great leisurewear by Bedroom Athletics which for me are an ideal compromise between comfort and fashion. 


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