Monday, 25 February 2013

B / W

Items all from Topshop

One of the most prolific trends this coming season is monochrome and it has already filtered down onto the high-street and quite successfully too. I feel Topshop and Zara are doing it especially well but here is a sample moodboard of Topshop's offering - I may have to invest in those stripped thick leggings. What a great trend this is, very accessible as after all, black and white are fundamentally the easiest colours to work and neutral for both gender and age. It has been time for the 60's inspired colour motif to come back around and reinvent itself for the modern consumer. Gone are the adolescent mini skirts and tunic dresses and instead are two-pieces that establish much more contemporary and mature outfits. Finally, it is one of the cheapest trends to adopt as we all have black and white in our wardrobes - all we need to do is purchase maybe a monochrome clutch or statement block heels to bring it to life.

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