Thursday, 26 September 2013

Promo: Runa Preview

You will all know by now that I love storytelling. Whether it be a great book, an engaging film or an acoustic song so, it is great to be introduce to a cause and brand that is built from such a core and humble grounding. Humanistic Capital are creating a new brand called Runa, a small collection offering with real humanity and consideration. With each Columbian made garment, the worker behind the piece are revealed alongside how the work itself is financially enabling their lives. It isn't good enough when brand's create an eco or sustainable line and don't follow through with behind the scene evidence of just how much difference it makes by purchasing into such products. Buying from Runa reveals what the manufacturer's name behind each piece is and what their goals are in life. It humanises Runa and gives them an extra layer of speciality and devotion that is honourable in such a profit focused industry. Not to say the project isn't projectable however. As money isn't the main focus but an outcome from a good business plan it just means that it is a benefit all round. Runa is another great example of talent coming out of crowdfunding. Check out their Facebook page which provides interesting posts on the world of eco fashion and sneak previews of some of their clothing! It takes a huge amount of time to shop sustainably, lets admit it. But supporting brand's like this whether it is simply liking their page, spreading the word or following their progress it is all for the greater good. You don't need to be a devoted 'econista' to appreciate such ethoses and creations. It is a great compliment to simply enjoy the company, its goals and its clothes. Whether you decide to purchase or not. Which is why I always like to keep an eye out for brand's making eco interesting and modern instead of stereotypically unattractive and green fingered. The future of fashion looks promising with philosophies like this coming to the forefront.


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