Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mini Miracles

These little samples have been great at being some of my on-the-go saviours and helping to give me a pick-me-up during sleepovers. I use these travel companions infrequently and on rotation to keep them lasting as long as possible. Samples a great way of trying products in your own time at home to see whether you like them and they like you! I have sat at the beauty counter often smelling bottles and ooing over their velvety formulas and beautiful packaging. Trying product on the side of a cheek or the back of a hand and convincing myself they were wonderful! But soon enough I'd get home where the lights and glamour of the beauty shop were far behind me and after trying properly either disliked the experience or realised it hasd led to my skin coming out in a rash. So, be cheeky and ask to try before you buy or take advantage of any offers and gifts with purchases around seasonal launches. To invest in the full sized versions would stack up to be quiet the pretty penny but if in the future I did want to purchase, which ones out of this skincare bunch would I choose?

They are all lovely in their own way but I would actually only buy two products: the first is Kiehl's Overnight Face Mask. This clear soft and silky formula is unique in that you apply it before bed, dabble off any excess and sleep in it. Once you wake-up you continue with your morning skincare routine (if you don't have one just make sure you cleanse skin to make sure the product has sank in and anything left on the surface has gone). Your skin looks amazing after using this product. Literally, your face is like a new lease of life. Everything is supple, even in texture and hydrated, leaving skin illuminated from within. The second is Clarins Beauty Flash - this is a great product. As a primer for under make-up it keeps foundation put but also adds a subtle amount of radiance to the complexion but without making things too dewy. As a moisturiser it makes skin look firmer and feel tighter - but in a wide-eyed I'm up and ready way. 

The Kiehl's Créme De Corps is seriously thick and luxurious but as someone who doesn't suffer from dry skin it is a little bit of a waste on me. I prefer lighter body creams. But as a nifty bag sample for dry hands during the winter it has been a little treat! Lancóme Génifique is like water in texture. The formula is so fine the tiniest drop spreads far and wide. Its purpose is an anti-ageing face serum and it has some seriously technical ingredients and fabulous reviews. Yes I think it makes me skin feel lovely. But it is expensive and I don't really feel as someone with young skin it makes a difference. So, I stick to applying it around me eyes but if I am honest those eye creases have yet to diminish. Lastly, Vichy Normaderm Anti-imperfection Hydrating Care is for oily skin and is something I shouldn't use as I have normal/combination skin. But sometimes especially during summer or hot weather this can be a nice product to help reduce sheen and sweat. But it is also meant to reduce scarring from spots and reduce redness. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much change to my skin with its use. I applied a little to my chin where I have some fine spot scars. But the sample was that small it only allowed for a couple of uses! So, with more applications it could prove worthy and for those who need something to reduce scarring but feel bio oil is too greasy going by the reviews this could be great! Do you use samples as part of your skincare and cosmetics collection? And have they convinced you to buy full-sized versions?


  1. i love samples, it makes such a difference to test something than to just try it in the shop.
    and also mini sizes are AWESOME for traveling, makes it so much easier!

  2. I love the sound of the overnight face mask!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. I really want to try the Vichy Hydrating cream, my skin is so dry due to the cold weather.


  4. I really need to pull my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm out, I never use it which I feel super guilty about :)
    xxx Claire


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