Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The concrete jungle adventure

The big apple was an amazing trip. My friends and I went to so many places. Midtown, uptown, downtown, Staten Island, Chelsea, Greenwich Village. Breakfast in Brooklyn, coffee in Soho (coffee in most places we visited actually), shopping on 5th avenue, strolling through Central Park, riding trains, flagging down taxi's and chatting with the locals. We did it all.

Soho was my favourite. It embodies a more laid-back feel compared to places like 5th Avenue and Times Square. The architecture wouldn't be misplaced in Paris or Rome. Buildings weren’t as tall but just as impressive. The area was more quirky with vintage shops, small boutiques and cosy coffee shops. There was a good mixture of affordable high-street stores and high-end. It was less urban with trees growing outside town houses which established a humbling feeling in contrast to our previously boastful destinations. It didn’t scream New York but there was a discrete and subtle cosmopolitan vibe which would make it a lovely place to live (for me anyway).

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