Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New York here I come

I'm jetting off to The Big Apple at 1.30am tomorrow morning, super excited. The trip has been organised through my course at University but as I have never stepped foot in America before I can't help pushing the educational and informative aspects aside and fantising about how New York will be...

I’m thinking the days will be crisp and cold, the building’s windows will be covered in frost and the streets will be filled with true New Yorkers on their travels. The smell of freshly brood coffee and warm pastry delights will fill the air and skyscrapers will tower above me. There will be the sound of horns beeping and stilettos clattering on the pavement, Oh, I could go on.

I, Hollie Furniss a Yorkshire lass from Sheffield is going to New York City; the fashion capital of the world.
Feels like Christmas all over again!!!

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