Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Finger Tattoo

Should I?

As a tattoo virgin I have battled with the idea of having a tattoo for a while and always concluding with no. In my eyes it is a big commitment as it will be with you till death and thereafter. My fear is it becoming blurry and stretched as well as getting something of a fad or impersonal. However, the idea of a finger tattoo seduces me. It is dainty, small, delicate and can be covered with a ring. I can't decide whether I should take the plunge or not?

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  1. I really want a finger tattoo ! I want smile written so you can see it when i click my camera :)
    I have two tattoo's already one very personal and one i got when i was sixteen and just really wanted a tattoo !
    I dont regret either.
    I think if you really want one get one ! Just think about what you want first :)
    As you say you can always cover it :)



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