Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Done and Dusted

Photographs by Loren Aldridge

So, the Nottingham Zine Fair has come and passed. On Saturday 26th May the event launched and it was a fantastic success! We had around 400 people turned up over the day to share, celebrate and discuss zines. The first images shows my zine display for Fable, complete with Larger. On offer with the zine was hand-made bookmarks and butterfly cakes too. There was such zine diversity and creativity being showcased, no idea or concept was left un-turned. From Rodents to Gnomes, Northern to Southern, Apocalypse to emerging talent, British Seaside to school antics - it was all explored in some way. One of my favourite zines was 'Poppycock' a zine that celebrated the elderly, in a youth focused society. It gave them a voice and shone a light on their lives. Their experiences of the war and thoughts of society today was just some of the aspects touch upon in this very personal zine. Other favourites were Mask, Wish You Were Here, Bikeshed, Paper and Apocalypse This - which is a tongue-in-cheek zine all about our impending doom... or not. Check them out here. I advise listening to their 'end of the world playlist' to help you through this difficult topic, haha. 

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