Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Taking a chance on life

Moodboard by self images of:

1. share icons from social media 2. 3D printing machine 3. Stills from Tesco Homeplus Virtual Subway Store 4. Cineroleum exterior by Lewis Jones, Paloma Strelitz and others, Cineroleum interior by Lewis Jones, Paloma Strelitz and others 5Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall by Agence Search  6. Image and Collection by Iris van Herpen and Jasper Fabric by Jasper Schlaepfer 

Are you a fashion enthusiast longing for your big break in a competitive and too often clostrophobic world of aspiring fashion professionals? Well, Elle are doing a really amazing competition at the moment until the 16th of June and I thought why not apply? I have nothing to lose but perhaps a lot to gain as the prize is in a whole league of its own. The competition is to find a team of interns to create the October issue of Elle, something which is also a paid position - a known rarity in the fashion world. As an aspiring journalist with a love for literature, stories and writing I have applied for the position of Features Editor - a dream career. It would mean the world to me if you could like my entry and support me. The features pitch is below with the link afterwards.

The headline would be ‘The Future Paradox’ accompanied by the cover line ‘how our lives will change’. The feature focuses upon hyperreality, discussing current factors like augmented reality and social media and how it is incorporated so intrinsically into our lives that it becomes impossible to determine real life experiences from simulations of life - and why we need them in the first place. Technology advancements such as smart materials and future predictions in how such progressions will affect lifestyles, fashion and the economy. After all the future will be evermore technological so, such a piece would be relevant and resonant. Writer: myself or Rebecca LowThorpe or Chris Anderson (Wired).

In addition to the pitch I have made a quick mood-board of images that sum up the tone of voice and subject areas of the feature. 

To like the link click here and head to page 12, if it isn't already on it. 

Thank you so much. 

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