Sunday, 13 July 2014

HUGE Body Shop Haul and News

This blog post has been a long time coming but I just hadn't managed to make it happen how I intended - with a video review. Instead I choose a less time consuming photo post instead because these last couple of weeks have been manic. So, before diving into the review I best fill you in. If you don't already know I'm starting work tomorrow! And moving to London. So, it has been an extremely busy time getting ready but also cramming in seeing everyone I care about before I leave. I'll be working for Liz Earle in the marketing team and because of this there will be some slight changes to the blog. 

This will be the last beauty post. I can't say forever but it may very well be. My role requires this so it is something I am certainly going to comply with but does mean that a huge (and core) part of my blog content and format will now be no more. However, I quickly made peace with the idea as more important things will be happening around me and this opportunity isn't something I was going to miss. So, I have decided to replace the beauty part of my blog with lifestyle. That may include cooking, interiors, my working life, outings and an increase in look / style posts. Although one element is ending, it will open up more variety onto Give Me More and take it back to what it originally intended to be: a fashion blog. 

Hopefully, the new changes will be welcomed and I will try to use this time to document and explore my journey into the big wide world of work and the capital. Also, even though in the pass I have tried to commit to daily posts I am no longer going to put myself under so much pressure. From now on expect posts on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday... with the potential of an extra dose on a Saturday depending on what deadlines I have going on. But this new structure will begin next week. However, I want to get my Instagram and Twitter looking more interesting so will try to post daily on there with outfit details and more. If your not already following me there make sure you do now! Here @holliefur and Here @holliesworld. 

Finally, on to the Body Shop review. I've become a big admirer and user of Body Shop products lately and have to say that from body scrubs, to butters to fragrances I'm seriously impressed. The summer scents are fruity, fresh and invigorating and leave your skin feeling and smelling wonderfully dreamy. Since I can't pick a bad one amongst them I though instead I would pick out my top 3. 

The first one being the Coconut Beautifying Hair and Body Oil. This comes in a variety of scents from Mango to the newest addition Sweet Lemon but for me it will always be the tropical creamy scent of Coconut. On the skin things are left hydrated with a shimmering finish thanks to its lightweight blend of nut oils including Community Fair Trade marula oil. But it is on the hair which really gets me excited. With damaged ends I apply a mixture of water and droplets of this nourishing oil to the mid-ends of my hair for a mask like effect. Leave for up to 20 minutes and rinse. For on the go treatment I carry a spritzer bottle with a combination of 70% water to 30% oil and spray my hair when it begins to feels dry instead of using serum. 

Shea Butter is next and it is down to its unique smell and gorgeous formula that soaks into skin without leaving it tacky or greasy. As someone who enjoys munching on almond nuts and so on Shea Butter has a n earthy, distinct and nutty smell that almost doubles up as a perfume on the skin. I just love how it melts as you warm it up in the hands and leaves skin radiant and glossy. 

Last up is the Madagascan Vanilla Flower Fragrance Mist. This warm and sensual blend of floral and oriental notes is inspired by the tropical island. And I love nothing more than a product that mentally transports me on holiday. I am a big fan of vanilla in anything, food, candles and creams but to be able to easily spray this scent directly on to me or in a room is a delight. The Body Shop fragrances come in every scent imaginable so if vanilla ins't your cup of tea something certainly will be! 

That's it! That is my last beauty post done. Make sure to keep checking out the blog this week for a very special blog post and a look / style post thrown in there as well as a round up of my first week on the job!


  1. That's quit a lot, haha! I love the products of The Body Shop, and I really like your blog :)

  2. Good luck with your new job! It all sounds so exciting :) xx

  3. Good luck with your new job. I love the body shop at the moment too!

  4. Mmmm Satusuma is the best smell ever!!!

    Magee /

  5. I love the Body Shop Body Butters. They're sooo good! I'm dying to try the hair oil now! Good luck with the new job!!!

  6. nice collection of The Body Shop Haul.I love this review.................


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