Saturday, 11 August 2012

6 Years Baby

image 1. Urban Outfitters geometric necklace, H&M turquoise stone necklace, Turquoise ring from Barcelona market, H&M cream/white boob-tube, Topshop grey skirt, Topshop loafers and Zara slouch bag. Image 2. Pizza from Prezzo, Chocolate fudge cake from Prezzo, me and Tim. Pizza 3. ASOS cream dress with black lace trim, Pandora mother of pearl ring, Tiffany bracelet, H&M loafers. 

Yesterday my boyfriend Tim and I celebrated our six year anniversary! It is a big milestone for any relationship but I can safely say that it has been the best six years of my life. It has been amazing to have someone with me to share life experiences such as GCSE results day, A'level results day, turning 18, getting into university (of course the bad times we all go through) and soon to be my degree graduation next year. You maybe thinking that six years is a huge chuck of my life to dedicate to one person so early in my life but when it 'aint broke why fix it? And I can't imagine being with someone else that is as loving, kind and generous. He makes me very happy!

I don't really speak about Tim or my relationship much on my blog as it is more a place for my fashion and lifestyle interests and I don't really want to exploit such a personal part of my life but I feel it is times like these where it is more than appropriate to share. 

So, the photographs above really capture our anniversary day through to night and I have tried to keep it blog appropriate by focusing on my clothing! We was lucky to have the weather on our side so we went to Endcliffe park to chill out and walk my dog and I wore my trusty grey skirt (which is pretty much one of my staples) with some jewellery layering. Then it was time to get semi-dressed up (as we wasn't going anywhere fancy) to eat out on Ecclesall road. I rarely wear my hair in a ponytail but I fancied a change and I actually really like this look so it maybe something I do more often. I love my new ASOS dress with peter pan lace collar detailing, just wish tight dresses didn't show so much lumps and bumps! I decided to wear flats instead of heels to stop the look from feeling to 'night on the town-esc'. However, I think this sort of dress really does look best with shoes that elongate the legs and give height as when pulled down it is quiet long. Note to self for next time.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and speak soon.


  1. You look great! Love the ASOS dress especially, happy 6 years!

    1. I just wish is wasn't so tight - still comfortable though.

      Thank you


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