Thursday, 16 August 2012

BodyShop New Collection Review: Extra Virgin Minerals

The Body Shop Foundation brush £12, Extra Virgin minerals liquid foundation in golden vanilla £14, Concealer in shade 08 £9, Sharpener £2.50 and brow and liner kit in shades 02 £10.

I decided to take advantage of The Body Shop's recent deal of 'spend £30 and get £15 off' as I had ran out of my brow and liner kit and also my Maybelline foundation. I thought it made sense to try The Body Shop's foundation seems as it would be part of such a great deal and I had heard great things about their make-up for the face. I came across their new range called 'Extra Virgin Minerals' and was intrigued, especially after reading how this range was used at Vauxhall Fashion Week in London. I thought to myself if it is good enough for models on a runway it has to be good enough for regular consumers! My initial reaction was that I liked the packaging and thought it looked very similar to my existing foundation. My second reaction was that I didn't like the smell, even though Body Shop products are renowned for their trade fair products it smelt like manufactured plastic. However, this was all forgotten once applied - at first it felt a little sticky and hard to move about on my skin but once I had come around to my other cheek things got a lot easier and my skin was already beginning to look more radiant and glowy. Once fully applied my skin looked dewy and healthy and the job was made pleasant with the super-soft and fine bristles of the foundation brush. However, as the foundation is fairly sheer I felt that I needed more coverage under my eyes and around my nose. This is where the concealer crayon completed the look to perfection. As the concealer is shaped like a crayon I was able to get in close to all those dark spots and creases like around the nose and in the corers of the eye socket. The consistency meant you only needed to rub it slightly to blend it into the skin. The make-up stayed put practically all day and even though the foundation was dewy I didn't look oily or greasy - but maybe that is down to me not having oily skin to start? I have tried to capture the finished look in the two photographs of my face, they are not a before and after but I couldn't decide which represented the make-up best, so you choose. I would certainly recommend these products to those looking to try something professional and different but bare in mind the price tag - Body Shop products are not the cheapest on the market but they make up for it in performance.  

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