Saturday, 25 August 2012

New ventures

Just to keep you up-to-date with what else I am doing in my spare-time I thought I would talk about a new venture I have taken recently with a brand called Macomina. They are a very new music entertainment company who specialise in outdoor, camping music venues. The idea is to support emerging talent by going to secret locations, sleeping in comfy tipi's and watching fairly intimate performances with friends. Travel costs are included, along with the tipi's and entertainment for £65. This is what Macomina say about their business on their website 'you are the atmosphere. It is the creativity and energy of our consumers that gives Macomina its unique spirit.'

When Macomina announced that they was looking for a blogger to cover features on art, current events, culture, music, technology and fashion I was instantly interested. I really like the brand's friendly, whimsical and inviting values and as the company is new I thought that it was good to get involved now - as I am sure that what Macomina offers will be a hit with festival and music lovers seeking something different for their birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more. A perk of the job is that I will get free tickets to these events. So, as soon as one comes up and I can go I shall be sure to cover the event and take lots of photographs so you guys can see what the events are like. At the moment they are across several locations in Nottingham, Sheffield, York, Birmingham and Leeds. So, I am sure there will be a destination closest to everyone, so put on your wellies and join in the fun! I shall try to link my features on here too so you can see what I am writing about. It is all very exciting stuff I hope you agree. My first feature on 'Can Printed and Digital publishing continue to co-exist' has been uploaded, so have a gander won't you?!


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