Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A/W Wishlist Haul

Image 1: Topshop Collarless Knit Swing Coat £85, Topshop Mighty Black Leather Zip Boots, River Island Grey Textured Leggings £16, Topshop Knitted Clean Rib Jumper £38 Image 2: Topshop Ribbed Peplum Jacket £45, Topshop Half Sleeve Flippy Tunic £22, Boohoo Danii Metallic Strip Detail Waist Belt £8, ASOS Triangle Wing Earings £5, Cambridge Orange Satchel Company Exclusive £130 Image 3: Topshop Cross Tunic £32, Topshop Millicent Stud Back Black Boots £40, ASOS Metal Collar Necklace £12, ASOS Crochet Socks £4, ASOS Leather Bar Detail Tote Bag £45.

It is that time of year again when you suddenly hate everything you own and want a complete wardrobe overhaul and for the autumn season approaching these are the high-street lovelies I am lusting. My mum very kindly bought me the black Topshop booties in the first outfit image and I think considering that they are leather £45 isn't a bad price. - and even better with 10% student discount. I can see them being my go-to staples as they are super comfy, versatile and give me a little height. The Topshop coat is amazing, I tried it on whilst I was in London and it is really warm and cosy aswell as suiting me down-to-the-ground. However, I can see it being a Topshop cult favourite and like always not being the only one wearing it in social situations which is always a little awkward. Also, the price tag is enough to make me squirm but I think it is going to be hard to beat on quality and looks, so we shall see. Knits are always high on my wishlists and I am shying away from dark colours and instead find myself wanting creams, light grey's and whites. They lift an outfit from looking to dreary and sombre but still have the comfort factor. I really love this collar fetish going on and I think that collar necklaces are great as you can add them to any look. I'd love this ASOS one also in silver and a pinky gold to go with my watch. I really like bare legs with dresses, boots and socks in the Autumn - it is a really feminine and sexy casual look that just works on anyone. The only problem is - I buy all these socks only to find I am left with odd pairs by the end of the week! Burgundy is a huge favourite shade of mine for A/W and this fitted Topshop dress spotted my friend is bang on the money. I really like the attention to detail on the dress as it has a fine leather trim around the neckline - it gives it that edge. Studded flat(ter) boots are the ultimate alternative in A/W footwear and Topshop always do fantastic boots. How great are these for £40! That is £36 with student discount, bargain. Lastly, I am digging this ASOS peplum jacket for those milder days/nights. I think it goes well with jeans but equally as great with this Topshop cream dress made more special when tied with this geometric cut-out belt from boohoo.com. Everything ties together nicely with a splash of colour and what better than a Cambridge Company Satchel in bright orange? Now all I need is the cash...


  1. hiii hollie,
    i've not spoken to you in a little while so i just wanted to come over and say hello.
    i love all of these things, gosh i wish i had more pennies and they'd all be mine!
    i hope you're ok?
    speak soon,
    laura xx

    1. Hello Laura!
      Nice to hear from you. I am good thanks! How are you?
      Did you solve your jacket dilemma?
      Hollie X

    2. glad to hear you're good! yeah, i'm great thanks i'm really enjoying this blogging thing.
      well, not exactly, because i keep seeing even more that i like so i need a day shopping to try them all on.
      i may see if alex fancies it next weekend, poor boy.
      i'm still thinking you're right about the dorothy perkins one though, so i think that one's taking the lead!
      what're you doing with your week missus?

    3. Blogging is addictive isn't it!
      Yeah, you may spot a new contender on a shopping trip with the boyfriend ;)
      Erm, seeing my friend tonight and then my Dad Saturday - apart from that uni work and some writing.

      You? :)

  2. Some things are amazing! Bag and necklace on second photo... LOVE IT!


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