Friday, 28 September 2012

A/W Hair Trends

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I have recently been drooling over pinterest hair pins and have noticed how there is a significant amount of very feminine styles being celebrated and admired. Here are a few of my favourites, the ones I think are perfect for the coming colder season where we opt for snugly knits and comfy woollen socks and therefore, need the touch of femininity and prettiness. Up-dos are a big trend for A/W - hair is rolled up with integrated braids and plaits and the best news is that things are kept messy and tousled so even a hair novice can have a go without the worry of neatness or perfection. When it comes to covering those cold ears in the harsh weather treat long hair to random loose curls or waves. Try adding some texturising product to give hair that 'I-don't-care' body and sophisticated mess. One of the highlights for me, and definite things to try this autumn and winter, is to take back the top section of your hair and tie it with ribbon. How adorable does it look? But weirdly not childish looking either. Imagine teaming that cute hair style with an oversized jumper and warm boots - heaven. I can just imagine it now, strolling passed a chocolate box cottage dusted with snow in the quintessential wintry frosted fields of the Yorkshire countryside whilst sporting my bowed hair... oh just look how carried away I am getting over the looming Christmas time. Well, it is such an idealised season, where the family get together and the home feels like the best place in the world, all decorated. Oh dear, it isn't even October yet and I am dreaming of the festive period. I think this calls for me to get snuggled up in bed and watch 'The Holiday' complete with hot chocolate, mhmm.

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