Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Own Photographs of Hillsborough park, Sheffield.

Today was the perfect day for a stroll in my local park at home with the dog, as it was the middle of a weekday there was hardly anyone about and the weather was that lovely welcomed coldness. It was such a nice way to break up the day between visiting my Grandparents and doing university work. It felt like autumn with such a large blanket of fallen orange leaves on the ground, coupled with a grey and misty sky - I just had to share the scenery with you with these few photographs. I'm at home at the moment waiting for the arrival of a certain Harvey Lee Furniss making me, I'm sure, a very proud Auntie. He is being rather stubborn, yet to be born since his due date on the 8th November - I think it is a trait he has inherited from my brother. Anyway, with such an amazing family moment on the approach I'm just feeling very family orientated (even more than usual!). It's making it hard to focus on all the university work I have to keep on top of. I'll be sure to keep you updated on the baby and work front. Have a great week! 


  1. Beautiful photographs Hollie, especially that last two. It's good to have some time to relax and enjoy seeing your family at times when all we have to think about is work and deadlines. Enjoy it. Great post

    1. Thank you Alex for your comment :) it was such a great day for photographs! I think as it is the run up to Christmas it makes me feel extra family orientated hehe


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