Tuesday, 13 November 2012

L'Oréal Ever Range Product Review

L'Oréal EverStrong shampoo, L'Oréal EverSleek serum, L'Oréal EverStrong mask.

Since I am doing a project with L'Oréal for University and happen to have run out of hair products I thought why not take advantage of Boots 3 for 2 offer and try out some of L'Oréal's stuff? I've never been attracted to L'Oréal products beforehand as I don't see them as high-end performance products but since learning about how innovative the brand actually is I became intrigued. I thought I'd try their new expertise 'Ever' range and went for a combination of EverStrong and EverSleek wanting to have shiny, nourished and soft locks whilst retaining manageability. I was drawn to EverStrong as it is for brittle hair that needs some TLC - I was tempted to go for EverPure for over-processed hair but really the difference in the results they claim are tiny. I have only tried all these products once but so far I am really happy and surprised by the results. The mask smells really pleasant and has a lovely pearly pink hue that coats hair well. It definitely made me hair noticeably healthy looking - my hair is super soft and shiny but not to the extent I can't do anything with it. The shampoo lathers up really easily which I enjoy and I feel I don't have to work the product too hard. I didn't get the follow on conditioner so will invest in this and use it as a duo without the mask in the future for regular use. My hair felt clean after using the shampoo but to see the long-lasting effects I think you need to use this product for a couple of weeks or so. Lastly, I really rate the serum, I am obsessed by serums anyway and normally use Toni&Guy but L'Oréal's is much better. The solution is almost like water, not 1% sticky and a single pump distributes enough to tame the entire head whereas before with other products I was using between 5-6 pumps. It leaves hair smelling sumptuous and feeling touchable silky, reducing fly away dry hair with no greasy residue. Everything I could ask for! You can buy or browse them here.

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