Thursday, 11 July 2013

End of an Era

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I've spent nearly all my life in education and on the 19th July I will be graduating University. Am I happy? Of course, it has been the most wonderful years' of my life. I have loved every single minute of it, meeting new people, forming friendships and learnings new skills. But am I scared? Absolutely. The questions now whirling round my head are 'What now?', 'Where do I work?', 'When do I work?', 'Where do I live?' Being at University meant I didn't need to worry myself over the big stuff. I was doing what I needed to do and enjoying it. I never stopped to think about what it really meant to leave. I now have to tackle some of the biggest decisions of my life and I am nervous. What if I make the wrong choice? Do I go straight into work or do I save up and do the whole travelling thing? When will it ever be a good time to find somewhere to settle down?

I'm itching to start this new chapter in my life. I want to get on with securing some of them milestones, have my own place and yes get engaged and yes babies (but the latter can wait a while). But first and foremost I need a job that I love to aid such aspirations. I'm currently in the process of applying for work in my homeland of Sheffield (and potentially Nottingham). In the past any work experience I gained was for the short-term and it never made me nervous attaining it. Now, there is no Uni to get back to. My future endlessly stretches out in front of me and work now is work forever. I'm wanting to try and get back into blogging as I have some spare time on my hands and share my journey during this scary but exciting time. Hopefully, my emotional, complex and nervousness will resonate with some readers. Hopefully, some of you can shed some supportive advice! I hope I'm not the only graduate out there feeling the pressure. 

My 'for now' website is more or less up to date (a few glitches) so, if you fancy taking a peep here is my linkIt fills you in on all the work I have been inundated with during the last year (and hopefully explain why my blogging has been so poor). The photographs show what has been happening since finishing University. I went on holiday with two of my best friends to Croatia and Venice. Both utterly beautiful destinations that I would return to in a heartbeat. Also, I turned 21 which is quite a milestone in itself. I celebrated with my family and friends at a casino, dabbling in a bit of gambling before dancing the night away in a Cuban Bar. To say I've only been home for just over a month I haven't done too bad have I!

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