Sunday, 1 December 2013

Best Mascaras Roundup

These are my top three mascaras of the moment. I have tried and tested many over the years but it is this trio that I keep choosing as my fail-proof options. They all have a defining quality that separates them from one another but equally they are all-rounders too. Any of these products deliver on length, separation, fullness, darkness and length of wear but to find out which one you'll lean to more lets get a bit more personal...

THE LENGTHENER Benefit They're Real Mascara, £19.50: This is probably one of the most talked about mascaras online. But unlike with so many over discussed products the hype with this one is true. You will struggle to find fault with this one as it creates everything you desire your lashes to be. No flakiness, no smudge, no fuss. It lasts the longest out of all three products because probably it's only snag is it proves hard to remove. Your going to need more than face wipes for this beauty must-have so, I tend to use oil based make-up remover to slide the stuff off. Also, it is the most pricey of the three but you pay for what you get. Just don't make the mistake of not screwing the top tightly back on because this special formula can dry up pretty quickly. But regardless it is my most treasured mascara and gives you stand out lashes to be proud of. 

THE VOLUMISER Benefit BadGal Mascara, £17.50: This was the first mascara I truly fell for. I hadn't managed to find one that delivered the end result I longed for in a beauty product until I met this wonderful beauty bag staple. It's fairly dry formula allows your to work up a full and volumised look with highly separated lashes. You'll discover lashes you never knew you had! The fat brush provides real oomph and curls for va va voom. Sometimes it can get too dry so towards the end of use I add a droplet of water to bring the whole thing back to life. This middle-grounder is probably the best place for beauty novices to begin. 

THE BUDGET BEST L'Oréal Million Lashes Excess Mascara, £10.99: Finally, a cheap alternative to those budget busting designer products. When you run out of the good stuff far from payday this is the product you should turn to. With a brush similar to They're Real it is easy to get into the corners of the eyes and really create than fanned out look. It doesn't dry up like the Benefit mascaras and probably lasts longer than them too but you just have to work that bit harder to achieve the same effect. For me this is the underdog of the mascara world and deserves some praise. So, bravo L'Oréal!

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