Saturday, 30 November 2013

Intimissimi Review

How I would love to say I am thoroughly happy with my purchase and experience with Intimissimi online but unfortunately, despite my high-hopes and excitement of discovering a new lingerie brand I am far from thrilled with the reality of my short-lived love affair. 

Everything started well, with an immersive website, visually engaging look-books and beautifully designed stock. I thought I had found my dream lingerie brand. I began to fall even more in love after I noticed the fairly moderate price tags that were competitive to some high-street retailers. So, what happened?

The problems began when I tried searching for bras in my size. There was an option to search all stock and filter by size but after dropping down the menu I realised that they did not do double sizes (I am a 34DD) and the highest bra size they went to was 36E. There is a measuring system on their website to find out the perfect bra from their ranges as they say their sizing can vary from other brands. After entering my measurements to my horror they suggested I was two cup sizes less than I have been wearing for years. A size that I have been told I am after many fittings with lingerie specialists. I compared their measurements to other brands and Intimissimi were in fact different. Although mine matched online with other brands, Intimissimi seemed to have a different system all together. So, with this in mind I decided to take a risk. As you can return underwear for free (pants too) I thought I would go with my gut and try the 34D.

However, when it came to finding bras that actually came in a 34 D on their website suddenly I found my choices to be extremely slim. Suddenly all the bras I had favourited were out of the question with only B or C available. Before long I was reduced to two bras to choose from. Now this is something I think is unacceptable. A 34D is not a large size and the problem is that either it is such a popular size that everything was sold out or that they simply don't produce enough or not at all in certain styles. I was annoyed that I couldn't purchase my actual size already but this was now a separate issue altogether.  

But it didn't end there. I prefer bras to have padding in them. Not a lot but at least something to give nice support and lift. The problem is most retailers and brands stop padding their bras at a DD or have a very small selection which are. I feel young women who want sexy and trendy lingerie should be able to have as much choice as smaller breasted women and offered the same product as them too. Designers and Managers have made the assumption that once women hit a size DD they won't want padding any more but that simply isn't the case. Frankly I think they should offer all bras with or without padding so a woman of any size can choose what she desires. 

So it comes as no surprise that this was an issue with Intimissimi. I did manage to find a padded balconette bra in a size 34D. So, jumped the gun and snapped it up. But when the product arrived, it was unpadded. Now, my guess is they stop padding their bras at a D cup but didn't highlight this on their website - and I even checked to see if the description next to the bra changed after I selected which size I wanted but nothing did. Also, I was very pleased I didn't make the mistake of relying on their measuring system and purchasing a C cup as the 34D was actually too small. So, I am confused how they conclude to such sizing methods. 

When your not happy, returning the item is difficult too. Instead of coming with a return sheet and label included like so many other companies such as ASOS, you have to print off two separate pieces of information and then ring up and book a slot for a curier to come and collect it. As my printer is broken this meant I had to come to my partners to print the items. I don't understand why they don't have a system where you don't have to go online, edit your items and print things out. Zara has curiers to come collect items but it is far simpler than this. I also had to get in touch with customer services about my return label as there was something wrong with the file they sent me so, I requested a new one. When I heard back they actually said something went wrong when they uploaded it but if they were aware of this they should have automatically sent me a new one without me having to get in touch. 

Overall, a company which says, 'Shop the wide range of Intimissimi bras designed to support and enhance your body, whatever your shape' should not have such a small amount of products available in sizes D and E. I don't think companies should see this market as less important or demanding compared to smaller sizes - in fact as a nation our breasts are getting larger! Also, companies need to stop seeing D/DD breasts as too large for padding. We want beautiful lacy numbers that give us a great cleavage too! Padding personally I feel is more supportive than bras without so I think more communication with customers is needed with Intimissimi and similar brands on this issue. 

Pros: Have a great range of style with a modern attitude to lingerie. Seasonal and trend-led designs at affordable prices. If you are a smaller size then this would be a great brand to buy from. 

Cons: Faults with website such as inaccurate sizing guide. Have a very small amount of sizes available in D and virtually none existent in E. Need to make it more clear where padding stops and to gain more feedback from customers about sizing and support. 

What are your thoughts on this brand? Have you had any problems and do you think there is a lack of variety and choice when it comes to larger sizes?

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  1. Hi Hollie, 2 years later and Intimissimi still have a crappiest customer service. The Returns process is so toilsome that you risk ending up with returning the items and not receiving the refund. I have had this happen to me. It's a shame as they do have a few nice items to offer, but need to up their customer processes.


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