Thursday, 5 December 2013


During a time of deficit, austerity and recession there is probably no time more appropriate for the mourning hue of black. However, it is in moments of bleakness when we deserve and crave colour and vitality most. When most designers are creating collections of traditional achromatic or tertiary colours, here is one that is breaking the mould with an A/W collection full of boldness and life. What could be mistaken for a Spring collection is a lively, saturated new take on seasonal fashion. Why banish vivaciousness away until the sun comes out when we need vigor more than ever during the dullness of winter?  The 'Youth is Wasted on the Young' collection by Central St. Martins graduate Jasper Garvida is behind the fun label, Éthologie. It's hard to tell whether a collection title like that Garvida is criticising youngsters of today by not making the most of their freedom and age or whether he is actually mocking those which bad-name youngsters for living without the fear of consequence. Either way, the photography for the collection paints a larger-than-life attitude of the youth of today. With references to technology, promiscuity, sexual orientation and the party lifestyle there are some serious notions being questioned here. But despite some of the controversial themes, all is portrayed with light-heartedness and charm. You want to be a part of this diverse mix of individuals who look like they don't take life too seriously. There is also a real feeling of being social - with every snap being filled with multiple models, regardless as to whether someone is taking a shower or having a shave. There is a sense of friendship and trust between the cast and it reminds me of my Uni days, where no matter the antics at hand you were all in it together. Even though the images are of a high-quality the immersed vantage point suggest they were taken by a fellow member of the gang. It all combines for a fierce concoction of bravery and vivacity for modern adolescent and twenty-somethings. To top it off the looks are styled with the jaw-dropping heights of Kat Maconie stilettos. Merveilleux!


  1. Amazing stylish Pictures!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for your follow! I follow you back now! Hope we keep in touch - Lots of lovely Love :) Kyra


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