Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Lingering Aroma: My Perfume Collection

Zara Night Perfume
 Zara Woman 92. Champs Elysees
Zara Nuit

I currently have three Zara perfumes. One named Zara Woman 92. Champs Elysees Paris which comes in a geometric bottle that looks like a chiselled gemstone complete with glittering flecks in amongst the sweet scented liquid. It is a very feminine fragrance. The second is a perfect daytime scent of holiday sunscreen and luxury creamy bodybutter, called Zara Nuit - ironically. In a chunky burgundy bottle it looks modern and modest. My latest addition, this rather lovely Chanel Chance esk circular looking bottle is my go-to night-time spritz. It has an aroma of Dolce and Gabbana's The One, with its heavy, alluring notes. Also, it is probably one of the nicest Zara bottles with its adorned outer edge, full of gold studs and matched with an embossed gold tipped top. So, next time you think about spending too much dollar on a designer fragrance make sure you check out Zara's stock first because, they have something for every nose and are beautifully packaged too for the average price of £12. I know, pretty great. 


  1. I love that zara perfume! Soo nice

  2. Such pretty packaging :D I have not tried this might have too! xx

  3. ONe of my fave perfumes ever was form Zara, the Beige, but they discontinued it. I went through at least 3 whole bottles!!

  4. so beautiful, nice and intetresting blog ! Do u wanna follow each other ? If yes , follow me , I ll follow u back as soon as it possible :)

  5. love all things zara!

  6. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and comment! x

  7. ok , i ve already follow u my dear :*

  8. The packaging is so pretty love the way it looks never tried a zara perfume before but going to give it a go i think =)

    Much love xxx

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