Saturday, 15 February 2014

Post V-day Update

Just a quick post today, hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Days yesterday! I was spoilt to steak, chocolate cake and some yummy cocktails and sparkling wine with my partner's brother and girlfriend. Despite the rain and cold we had a lovely evening. Tonight the antics continue with a meal at a favourite restaurant of mine, where I celebrated my 21st! So, really looking forward to that. 

I also wanted to use this post to highlight some blogging ideas I've had of late. As a person who likes a good plan I am surprised my blog doesn't have much structure already. But I am now wanting to introduce some feature posts that will make regular appearances. Of course, my regular reviews, tutorials, style and looks will form the majority of my content but I just thought it was time to get some regular features in there too! They are as follows:

Fab Five: A round-up of five products / clothes / services / experiences I highly rate and enjoy from the month. 

Monthly Musings: Each month I'll dedicate one post to ramblings about life, issues and problems I have at the moment. These may be milestones I want to achieve or things I wish I could one day do. It is a much more personal insight into my way of thinking, hopes and dreams - but hopefully, hurdles we all face and can relate to as well.  

Hit-list: Cosmetics, clothes and products I am obsessing over or aspiring to. These may be far from my grasp or items I am very much with intent of purchasing. They may touch-on the cult classics of the time or introduce some new things for you to consider for yourselves! I am wanting this to be a monthly occurrence too. 

What do you think? Any you like the sound of and are there any more suggestions you can think of for features on my blog? 


  1. Looking forward to reading your new post ideas x

  2. Some kind of structure is always good to me. Now sticking to it is where the difficulty comes in, but you can always change it up. Great ideas.


  3. You look so beautiful


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