Thursday, 27 February 2014


I am not always one for nail polish. For me they always tend to be an after thought. Something I'll rush at the last minute or top up in an attempt to fill in the chips because I'm too god damn lazy to take the whole thing off and start again. But whilst strolling through the beauty section of TK Maxx I couldn't help but be drawn to the summery hues of this delightful Cynthia Rowley trio. Turning the package over my eyes grew at the price tag of just £4.99 - something you can pay for just a single nail polish these days. I didn't have to think twice and soon enough I was at the till and then walking out the door with them swinging away in a shopping bag. When I got home there was one shade I went to immediately. The mint green. It looked so refreshing and bright I wanted to try it out first. The colour is so beautiful, just a perfect spring hue for stand-out nails. The pastoral quality makes it super wearable - something I love as neon isn't my thing. 

The nudey pink nail colour is like the perfect lipstick in liquid form for your tips. It has a feminine blushing rose undertone which gives life to the neutrality of this hue. This is one of those staple nail varnishes that will look great with anything and for me is a nice alternative to the much worn deep burgundy colours of winter. The purple is a highly pigmented and bold shade but again without that neon effect. It is a girly and fun colour that I think makes for a great polish on the toes. So, apologise for anyone viewing my feet who don't like feet! The colour has silvery specs running through the forumla but as you find out below, this is unnoticeable once worn. 

On application I noticed something. This seems a whole lot easier than every other time I have painted my nails and the reason? Turns out the chunky lid makes for better grasp, you can literally clasp the thing in the palm of your hand with your fingers circling it to have amazing control and steadiness. This meant that the usual tidy up around the over spilled nail varnish was something I could miss. Another great aspect was the brush and formula. The brush was wide enough to cover the entire nail in just two swipes and the polish itself is just so pigmented and creamy. Another major thumbs up is how fast drying this is. I have never had a nail varnish which dries so quickly. Meaning I just enjoyed the entire experience that much more. One thing I hate is having to wait what seems like a lifetime for nails to try and if you don't wait long enough having to redo them once smudged! The only downside to this gorgeous nail product? It has this rubber quality to it once dry. I know matte nails are on trend at the moment so this good be a win win for some people but I actually don't like the effect. It doesn't really happen with the nude pink colour but the mint green and purple have a flatter light reflecting quality. This is really strange especially for the purple down to its flecks of metallic running through the colour. You'd think should a glittery polish wouldn't be matte. 

For anyone out there in need of a taste of spring then this little trio of Cynthia Rowley polishes is a nail's dream. I'd go as far as saying you wouldn't need to invest in any other shades - the only thing you might need is a shiny and clear top coat!


  1. I never knew about this brand but I really love how it looks on you. These colours are so bubbly :) I loved your note on the steadiness, I think that's very important because I tend to suck at painting my own nails sometimes hahahaha!

    Lovely post, as usual x

  2. I never knew about this brand but I really love how it looks on you. These colours are so bubbly :) I loved your note on the steadiness, I think that's very important because I tend to suck at painting my own nails sometimes hahahaha!

    Lovely post, as usual x

    1. Me too, even being good at art doesn't translate making painting your own nails any easier but it is down to the lid! Glad you enjoyed the post x

  3. I love the mint green colour
    such a soft and pretty colour

  4. I love that warm orchid tone - it really is perfect for toes :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Couldn't have described it better myself. Purple Orchid would be a great name for this shade x

  5. These shades are perfect for spring, I love the mint green :) xx

  6. Wow, those shades scream out Spring - especially the purple! Can't wait to bust those colors out soon.

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

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  8. Pretty colours! I really like that purple colour - I have a couple of those kind of polishes that are neon but not shiny or bright, kind of matte looking, they're nice! I haven't tried anything from Cynthia Rowley before, but good to hear of someone who likes them (and their new spring collection) so much! :)

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO

  9. The nudey pink and the light purple have to be my favourite!
    I just stumbled on your blog and love it =)!

  10. I really love this post and your blog style!
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    J'aime les feuilles rouges

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  11. The colors are sooooooo pretty! :)

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  12. Hi Hollie,

    The pastels are so pretty, and I too preffer shiny over matte nail polishes any day. You made me laugh on the toes part. :))



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