Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Home Pedicure Pampering Favourites

You just gotta do it sometimes. Make time for your feet. Let us think for just a moment what it is to be a foot. You carry around a heavy load of body around with you all day long, are crammed into shoes - sometimes very impractical heels which give you blisters, get burnt on hot holiday sand and often housed is rather unimpressive holey socks. Those poor blighters need some tender loving care and what better way to show them some loving than with a home pedicure. Trust me your feet will be singing after this.

What comes to mind with the phrase, Papaya Sorbet? I'm thinking a heavily, creamy and fruity smelling cocktail with tons of ice. Now turn that lovely image into a foot moisturiser and exfoliator. Dreamy aye. Because that is what these Avon Beautiful products are dubbed in their Lotion and Scrub forms. This duo is amazing. I may be from a small group of like-minded people but I love my feet being massaged. And this lotion applied and work in after being smoothed out by the luxurious exfoliator is beyond relaxing. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Before the rubbing you need to trim those toenails. Overgrown toenails are a real no no. I don't think that will ever change. So, try to keep on top of it using some proper tools. One thing I couldn't tackle this issue with most easily is without my trusty shears. This nail clipper is made from sturdy steel which makes it pretty powerful. The professional nail tool gets through even the thickest of nails. If nails need filing and buffing this is the stage to do it followed up by an indulgent wash, exfoliator and lotion. Next nail separators keep painted nails from smudging onto one another. Some people's toes are quite close knitted or even cross over so separators make painting and drying nails a fuss free affair. And there you have it, soft and radiant feet ready to be showed off in you favourite pair of sandals!


  1. I really need to get myself a set of products to prepare my feet for summer, right now I have almost no products for that. These soubs great!

    X Sara

    1. Feet are such an afterthought but it feels so good to indulge in them x

  2. I love Avon products and use them all the time! I really should really get this product!!


  3. My friend and I use the Avon foot products when we do pedis together
    I love their stuff!
    Marlee and You


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