Friday, 18 April 2014

Sunnies Special

Granted I may have gone a bit over board with the snapping, the sunglasses just take on a life of their own but hopefully they conjure up the spring season and get you reaching for your own pair of trusty sunnies. It is officially time to wipe the dust off last summer's frames and have them as part of your handbag essentials, ready and waiting for when the sun comes out from behind those clouds. You wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to whack out the eye wear now would you. Trouble is if your anything like me knowing which pair to rely on is as hard as doing long division. 

I currently have a small collection of five sunglasses which include my aviators that now live with my boyfriend. So they aren't soon above. But what are make for a fantastic foursome. I have some vintage half frame round glasses from a place called Freshmans Boutique in Sheffield. They are my smallest frames but I like how you can actually see my eyebrows whilst wearing them. Plus being vintage they add a really cool vibe to an outfit. I think it is because they are a little bit androgynous (minus the tortoiseshell pattern), plus they were super cheap so you gotta love that. I got the humongous fly eyed pair from H&M way back when and if I have learnt anything when looking back over my photos it is to not opt for these when sporting an up do. Those things really are big. And just to shake things up a little and because they are so necessary I have a plain black pair from River Island which are much rounder than my others. They sit really close to my face so feel most secure which is good for when you are actually doing things unlike the more fashion led pairs beforehand. But my favourite pair are my House of Harlow 1960 cat eyed sunglasses with their angled and chunky frames. They are the best quality and most pricey of the lot but are also the most unique. I know they might not be for everyone, but I just can't deny my infatuation with them.

But the theme of big, dark and tortoiseshell is getting a bit repetitive so I am keeping my beady eyes open for some new light coloured frames. So, this small collection may quickly grow into double figures come summertime. And that just means I'm going to have to get a bigger bag to house them all. Oh well. What sunglasses do you love best?


  1. I have a purple and lilac pair that I love. Tortoise shell are everywhere aren't they! I love the pair you're wearing on the top row, in the middle.

  2. beautiful :)

  3. I'm so gonna remember that vintage boutique for when I get to Sheffield! I have a huge obession with sunglasses, I just love them all! I love the ones you have btw! :) x

    1. There are loads of great vintage shops in Sheffield! x


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