Thursday, 25 September 2014

A token of thanks

My last post was dedicated to covering Freya De Fleur's worthwhile Charity Blogger Event which if you haven't yet managed to read please show your support and do so here.
Freya Bromley hostess to the event was kind enough to gift all her guests with some great goody bags which included some lovely pieces. There were everything from make-up brushes to sweets and tea. To my delight there was also a gorgeous chunky ring from Ottoman Hands, a brand with stunning bohemian styled jewellery that really focus on beautiful precious stones. 
Besides such nice complementaries I was also gifted some stunning earring from the lovely people at Ottoman Hands personally. It was quite the surprise when the ladies from the brand's stall came over and past me a tiny black satchel labelled 'Give Me More'. I thought I had won a prize or that they were handing them out to everyone but apparently not! It still gets me all smiley and shy when people show kindness and generosity when it comes to my humble small blog but it never goes without gratitude so I'd like to say a big thank you ladies!
If you haven't yet heard of Ottoman Hands make sure to check them out here as I was drooling over their colourful jewellery pieces all night - and having worn the earrings a few times now I can vouch for their quality and prettiness myself! As someone who doesn't wear earrings too often I actually looked forward to putting these in my ears as they were light and very comfortable, unlike so many other stoned droplets that I own. It is always nice when you receive compliments too and I've had countless comments on how beautiful the colour is and where they were from. So, I will be pulling these out of the jewellery box quite often...


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