Saturday, 18 August 2012

BarryM Nail Varnish Review

Barry M Peach Melba and Pink Silver Glitter

I was looking for a glittery alternative to my obsession with the expensive Nars nail polish I feel in love with in my earlier post that I needed to find a cheaper alternative. When I came across this bottle of sparkles from Barry M I knew I had to have it and has £2.99 instead of Nars's £14 I thought why not buy two? So I also bought a summery peachy shade that brightens up any outfit. I really rate Barry M nail polishes, they are cheap, come in a variety of on-trend colours and textures and provide salon-quality results. The Pink Silver Glitter is such a statement polish as it is packed full of light reflecting shine and sparkle - making it an evening must-have. I am wearing it on all of my nails for my friend's birthdays tonight (yes plural! Busy night ahead) and I am sure I will get a few dazzling compliments. For the day you can either layer nails with less sparkle making it more sheer or opt for just one statement nail like I have with the thumb! The great thing with trends at the moment is how integrated nail art is now - fashion really does stretch to the fingers and toes so make sure that yours has had the VIP treatment that they deserve. 

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