Thursday, 16 August 2012

PROMO - Which are you? Sunglasses edition

Image 1. Winter Kate sunglasses from the AW12 Lookbook. Image 2. House of Harlow Lucy in Camouflage, House of Harlow Carmen in Bee's Wax, House of Harlow Carmen in Gold Stain, House of Harlow Doll in WineHouse of Harlow in Black Dynasty, House of Harlow Doll in Black sunglasses. Image 3. Up-close photograph of my House of Harlow pair 4. Me in the tortoiseshell lovelies by Loren Aldridge.

I think you can tell alot about a girl by her sunglasses. 

When the British sun raises its head we make the most of it and I'm not just talking denim shorts and crop tops - us girls revel any opportunity to whack out our sunnies. No-one feels inappropriate wearing sunglasses in the sunshine but the real reason most of us put on this must-have accessory is down to the way it looks and feels. Their sexiness and style are made genuine by their practicality and protection - making them guilt-free AND sensible indulgences. There is a sense of sophistication and glamour that comes with them and even those deemed un-fazed by trends parade around in branded beauties and elegant eye-wear. When you look around you in the park whilst sunbathing take a look at what sunglasses people have chosen to wear. After all it is a personal ordeal, trying on dozen of shapes, sizes and styles in front of that narrow, small mirror - asking friends which suits you best. I think accessories reveal more about a person's personality than their clothing. Simple, beautiful and understated accessories like the House of Harlow Lucy in Camouflage or the House of Harlow Carmen in Gold Stain sunglasses express how the wearer's style evolves around staple, classic and often minimalist items with subtle detailing - something which looks put together and trendy without being too over-the-top or offensive. In turn that may suggest their personality is confident, relaxed, professional and grounded as their style oozes a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance without a need to always follow fads and trends. However, the dash of detailing or prints means they have an underlining fun attitude to life. Someone who opts for huge sunglasses in classical colours like the House of Harlow in Black DynastyHouse of Harlow Doll in Black or the House of Harlow Doll in Wine sunglasses may mean they seek luxury in the finer things in life and have a wardrobe dotted with expensive products and garments - they love to look their best and aren't afraid to stand out in a crowd. Personality wise they might be assertive, honest and articulate. Those who are rocking bright coloured 'ray-ban' like frames such as the House of Harlow Carmen in Bee's Wax sunglasses implies that the person wearing them are fun, lively and happy to experiment and play with their fashion style. They are up-to-date with trends and music, prioritise socialising over work and often mix their wardrobe to their eclectic tastes. All these profiles for sunglasses are highly generalised and stereotypical but try it out on your friends and see firstly how diverse all of your styles and personalities are by the sunglasses you wear and secondly whether any of my personality judgements match! 

So, which sunglasses type are you?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE those sunglasses, great post. I agree you can tell a lot about someone's personality by their sunglasses. I think I am mostly the last one...

  2. Awh thank you, I love them too! Thanks for your continued support for my blog!

  3. you are so gorgeous! i hope you know that.
    also, these sunglasses are lovely. i love tortoise shell print!
    my sunglasses are very similar but probably an awful lot cheaper.
    anyway, you seem really lovely, so i hope we can speak soon.
    i'm new on here so i'm trying to just make an effort to say hello to people who's blogs i like, get to know them a bit better, i'm sure you get the drill.
    laura xx

    1. Laura your such a sweetie pie!

      I shall deff be following your blog ;)



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