Friday, 1 February 2013


Own photographs - first image I'm wearing Primark monochrome coat, H&M peach jumper, Topshop Black mini skirt, Zara black pumps and Zara suede and leather handbag. Image two: Information is Beautiful book, Image three self devised project document (now finished) and image four coffee house break. 

This is a mash up post of things I've done since I last posted and then a couple of trailers to get you excited for up and coming movie releases. Both rather dark and sinister but have raving reviews and look equally as appetising (you'll get the pun once you've watched them). Stoker is a psychological thriller/horror film, directed by Park Chan-wook. It has a famous cast including Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, and Nicole Kidman. In the film India's (played by Mia) father dies and the fate makes her mother increasingly unstable and unpredictable. India becomes curious as to how her father died and when her uncle comes to live at her family home she feels that he holds hidden secrets. As she discovers more about this charming yet disturbed man, instead of being repulsed or afraid, she becomes infatuated. The second trailer is for Midnight Son, on the surface it appears to be another ordinary vampire film but it is far more darkening than anything previously created, using the same genre. It is appears to be more realistic than for example Twilight. The plot is about a man who is suffering from a very rare skin disorder that makes him sensitive to sunlight. He turns to drinking human blood to aid his healing but his actions result in dangerous and predatory behaviour.

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