Saturday, 23 November 2013

PROMO: Sportshoes Fashionably Fit Campaign

I teamed up with SportShoes Fashionably Fit Campaign this week to style some sportswear in light of a very controversial Daily Mail article. Jane Moir spoke at lengths about Katherine Jenkins running the marathon in a full face of make-up. The piece has undoubtedly caused a backlash in the blogosphere and SportShoes are

also fighting against Moir's judgements by teaming up with bloggers to share their views and gym styles.

Moir criticised Jenkins for 'stealing the limelight' and looking too 'perfect' claiming that 'she can never quite shake herself free from the thick fog of self-interest that seems to cloak everything she does.' It bothers me when journalists feel that they are empowering the everyday woman and freeing them of the unobtainable pressures of celebrity appearances by slating the preened. This piece felt more like a personal vendetta than a real feminist argument. What has happened to sisterhood? Women need to support one another instead of criticising each other and journalists shouldn't use their work to vent biased opinions. 

Jenkins joined a good cause, ran the entire marathon and raised £25,000 for charity. Who cares what she looked liked whilst doing it? Frankly I couldn't care whether someone wanted to run in heels and a wedding gown as long as they had a caring motive. Moir's envy is transparent. The issue here is that she feels Jenkins shouldn't allow to look great whilst breaking a sweat. If she feels more comfortable running with mascara on and a pedicure let her get on with it. Personally I think it just shows how powerful women can be. When you see a glamorous mum you don't judge her of investing more time in herself rather than her children, you congratulate her for being the superwoman that she must be! 

It is far better being fit dolled up than not working out at all right? Most women who are working out in public and destined to get snapped would feel the pressure to make an effort. For someone who finds it equally difficult to go bare I envy those who feel truly comfortable in their own skin to frequently wear no make-up. If Jenkins can't work out at home without the smack then may be that might be a valid point to address but Moir just doesn't take her status and situation into account but more her own difficulties with the beauty industry. 

So, as I am on a health stint and am wanting to start getting fitter before the New Year I got some SportsShoes gear to style in response to this debate. Although I mostly do workout at home without make-up on or my hair done for a run I'd sometimes be tempted to whack on a bit of foundation (but not wash off tan like I am in the pics below, oops). I just feel better in myself. It's strange, we shouldn't care but isn't the whole point of getting fitter to look and feel better about our appearance? So the entire thing is to a certain degree self-indulgent. 

It reminds me of school and stationary. When you start a new project you invest in a new notebook, a new pen and new folders. You feel like you've already made progress preparing yourself for the work with this stationary splurge. Your getting your mind set ready to get started. Really you probably don't need any new equipment but you buy them anyway. Equally, I have existing gym-wear but that was for my last fitness phase months ago. This new set makes me think 'okay, fresh start, new beginnings'. And with the right brand like Nike, you feel more professional and determined too. Psychologically I'm more excited about working out because my gym-wear is colour coordinated (I need to get out more right?).  Fitness fanatics may think this means I won't take the exercise as seriously as those who buy for practicality over fashion appeal. But at the end of the day we are both in the same boat.

With all that in mind I now have a coral themed workout attire that motivates me to keep going. It may be a sign of being materialistic but I want to workout more now I have some lovely new products. However, it isn't style over substance. These marked down Nike trainers were engineered for training. They offer support,  are breathable, comfortable and are full of clever elements that help you run faster and easier. The coral Nike bra is dense enough to go braless and still have complete coverage and support. Lastly the Nike pants have ventilation to help stay sweat-free, natural contours so there is no irritation and reflectivity for cycling. Not bad for a combined price of £75. Hopefully, I can keep my fitness up but at least now I know I don't have to worry about my equipment being reliable and appropriate enough to do so. If like me you want to start the road to a healthier you before the January bandwagon begins make sure you give SportsShoes a look as it one of the best places for branded deals and savings! So, everyone's a winner. And whether you workout styled or natural, that's completely up to you. 


  1. Nice gymwear! Might have to check out place you got them out in future. Those trainers must have been pretty cheap!

  2. as always thank you for your continued support!

  3. I personally go to the gym in full make up and spend way to much money on pretty gymwear! I love your blog Hol! xxx


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