Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Strange Day Obsessions

I feel not quite like myself in this outfit. I found myself rummaging in my wardrobe for something that strangely felt like summer despite the glum weather. I ended up pulling out this ancient maxi skirt and striped crop top both from Topshop. How I try and try to wear this damn crop top. As a lover of stripes it calls to me but I more often than not find myself putting it on, struggling to find bottoms that go with it and so end up taking it off in defeat. I know it calls for something high-waisted. So, I assume that is why I decided to whack out my old favourite maxi. 

A strange outfit for me who hasn't worn a maxi all year or for that matter a crop top. Possibly because the two are a little done (but not dusted, they can't ever leave fashion). Secondly, it is only April and up until now the days of sunshine have been rather limited. But that didn't stop me putting together this look yesterday. And I really must note to self, night-time photographs come out fuzzy. 

The odd choices didn't stop there though. My hair was also out of character. I ditched my preferred long and curly style for an up do. That I really rather enjoyed. How I achieved the over outcome, I'm unsure. There was some twisting, some puffing and some gripping involved. And there you have it me looking a little deer in headlights about a look I kinda love and feel confused about at the same time. I understand why people plan their outfits the night before now...

Do you ever find yourself wearing something out of the norm for you? Or look back at the end of the day and think how did this outfit come to be?


  1. This outfit looks lovely on you :) You are stunning!! Great style :)
    I love your blog :)
    Ava xox

  2. No need to feel uncomfortable in it again! It really is attractive! Put on some color popping shoes and have fun in it! Judi

    1. Thank you! Yes a pop of blue would have been nice x

  3. I try to pick what to wear carefully, mainly because I love design and think about details a little too much. Yes, there have been times when I wonder why I chose to wear what ever it is I wore. The outfit does look really good on you! Crop tops are tricky for me too.


    1. I wish I could plan my outfits more and think about the details too. It is a stylist gift! xx

  4. You always look so gorgeous! You have amazing skin. I rarely plan outfits although I really should, I sometimes get to work and think why did I put this shirt with this skirt haha don't always get it right sadly :( x

  5. You are so cute!
    Lovin the outfit!
    following you on bloglovin' :)

    stay great!



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