Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Be A Better Shopper Campaign

We all make New Year resolutions and normally top of the list is a healthy body but the healthy lifestyle shouldn't stop there. As consumers it is also really important to have a healthier relationship to fashion too. This isn't about shutting the door on your high-street favourite chains but about changing the way you shop and the way you see brands. Why is this important? As fashion ambassadors it is our responsibility to know and understand our impact on the world we live in. We are the trend followers and trend leaders and ultimately contribute to the kind of industry we want. To adapt our habits is not only great for our wellbeing, beneficial to the fashion industry of tomorrow but also cost efficient. It isn't just environmentally and ecologically sound to adhere to these new ways of shopping but best of all for the consumer, in the long-term it is pretty kind to your wallet too. There are only five steps, but they may make a huge difference. So, please read on, get involved and start making a positive change today! This is as much as a personal aim than advice and guidance so, I will aim to start being a better shopper too and I am starting off by taking the same number of items I have bought recently from my wardrobe and selling them. So, I keep the balance on my possessions and finances all fung shway.

It is so easy to fall into the routine of shopping every week for something new. Maybe a few new things. But it is actually becoming more trendy to rework our wardrobes and add fewer but more important and lovable pieces in our looks. For example, you may want to think about owning just one staple blazer. One of great quality that will last you years and never look out-of-date. If you are going to allow yourself just a single blazer then you could be better off looking towards brands and labels a little bit pricer than you would normally go for. Expensive doesn't always mean better, but do your research and get to know what is out there worthy of your savings. You'll feel proud to own it and will never think about chucking it towards the back of your wardrobe ever again. 

Like your food shop, make lists. Instead of looking in your fridge, look in your wardrobe. What do you actually need? What don't you wear anymore and what could you do with replacing. You are allowed to have the occasional indulgence. One where you buy a dress for a party for instance, and no one is saying don't take advantage of a great deal on something you see when out and about. But knowing your wardrobe before you go shopping can be a real advantage. I am sure there have been lots of times when you either buy something that looks exactly like what you already own or don't know whether what you have your eye on will even go with anything. The worst thing is buying without consciously thinking if you'll actually love it and wear it. Like plastic bags, they are more environmentally friendly to reuse than paper bags as they are actually worse to produce. Therefore, even if you do buy something, if you get a lot of wear out of it its whole process of manufacture will be much less impacting. 

When you do decide you no longer like an item anymore the worse thing you can do is put it in the bin. You can make money on so many used items when they are still in decent condition by simply putting them on Ebay. You can even now do this from your phone. Then you can put that money towards select quality pieces for many seasons to come. If Ebay takes too much time and effort then pop down to your local charity shop or track down clothes stores that exchange money for the fabric of the garments. Get your D.I.Y head on and cut up old clothes to make into cushions and other soft furnishings or interiors. This 'clear out' isn't something you'll be doing all the time, probably a good couple of times a year so the time it takes won't be a burden. Best thing is you'll have more room in your wardrobe and be able to organise your looks better!

When we choose friends we really care about their personalities. Whether we connect and whether we agree with their values. So why don't we do the same with our brands? Lets adopt some new brands to our favorite list and shop from them. Choose wisely and actually adore them. If you are infactuated by a label your are more likely to be loyal to them and spread the word about their products. So, don't just buy from any old independent shop and think you've done your bit for the year. Check out people like A.P.C, YMC, Margaret Howell, Our Legacy, Closed, COS, Honest By, Other Stories and Tails. These are some great starting places with a mix of price-points and styles. Some may not be the most sustainable but they'll be a damn sight better than Primark and other high-street stores. The trick is get to know them and get to love them! And when you do buy from another brand you might be more interested in their story. 

It is unrealistic to set yourself extremist goals unless you know you can keep your word. If like me you can't simply cut out high street brands as they are some of your favourites then at least don't make them your first point of call. Most of us head online first now anyway, so instead of immediately thinking of Topshop when you need a new white shirt, why not look elsewhere? There are so many interesting and more sustainable brands out there to get to know. And when I say sustainable that just means those which actually care about their carbon foot print, where they manufacture their stock, the welfare of their staff, the quality of their stock and cycle of their wastage. It doesn't always mean fair trade. So, get that green thumbed, frizzy hair hippy image out of your head. Shopping sensibly is the modern way to shop! So, set yourself personal goals you can actually stick to. For now may be just two or three steps. See if you love the new approach and if you do pass on the message!

I vouch to try and unearth some brilliant independent brands and sustainable labels for you to get to know over the year. People who make their own stuff, know their niche and value their consumers. So, stick with me and this journey will be made a whole lot easier. 


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  3. Great post, Totally agree with you. Sometimes I just buy things because it's cheap or on a whim!
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  4. I couldn't agree more with being a better shopper - and I have been practising most of those points ever since I started choosing my own garments, at 14, 15. I am now 41, and I wear things for years on end - I have a wool overcoat from Zara that I have been using since my son was born in 2008!! But why the harshness on Primark? In case you do not know this - and I understand that coming from a country who is not deemed as PIGS by the rest of the European Union makes it hard to relate - Primark is the only choice some people (like me) have for wearing clothes over their body, as all other brands are out of my price range. Good thing I am a very smart and wise shopper, as I can go into said store and buy stuff no one believes I got from Pirmark, as my son's WInter parka, that cost 17€ in 2012 and is still in perfect condition and besides keeping him warm, it is of classic design and cut and looks rather more expensive and posher. And it keeps rain well off, wich is a plus. Primark does not look that bad, if you know how to buy and have good eye.

  5. Hi Mint Julep, thank you for your comment! I always appreciate readers opinions and each to their own! No harsh word on Primark just should be a last resort as it doesn't hold the best record for welfare of overseas workers. Also they don't do much for their wastage when producing products, which they do on a huge scale. They have also increased there prices somewhat and I think brands like H&M are not far off their price point now. But they are certainly getting better. But I don't knock their designs. I have seen plenty of designs just like those in more expensive shops! Budget is a big factor when shopping. It is a reason why I can't buy into some of the labels I would love to represent. But I think if we don't throw things away and don't buy excessively then no matter the shop the mentality makes it a much better investment. Hope this clears up my piece.
    Hollie X

  6. This is so helpful! I definitely need to pay special attention to #2 because I am a huge impulse buyer! Thanks for following me on bloglovin', I followed your amazing blog back!


  7. I couldn't agree more with this, owning key pieces is a lot better than owning loads of clothes you are not totally in love with and it's really good if items of clothing have versatility. Really enjoyed reading this and it opened my eyes, thank you for posting this. You've just earned yourself another follower, looking forward to future posts. Check out my blog if you'd like:)


  8. I love this, I'm always trying to buy in a less is more way but never seems to work out, although I am getting better!

  9. Great post! we definitely agree that investing in statement and versatile pieces are the way to go!


  10. Great post, such an interesting piece! I own my own childrenswear boutique Nell & Bets where I design, make and sell my collection all by myself. Quality is very important when shopping that is why I heavily focus on high quality, exclusive designs which are affordable too (www.nellandbets.com).

    I have followed you as, I love your blog! Feel free you check out mine www.faceinfashion.com

  11. What a great post to read! I totally agree we should be using our blog voices to lead a way into a more sustainable fashion future. Great read Hollie and good luck!

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  14. Seriously a great post!!

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  15. This post is great and I have been spending the last few months cutting back my wardrobe and buy my classic and versatile pieces.


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