I am happy to be sent requests for promotional posts on behalf of a reputable company, organisation or brand. This is provided that I agree with the terms and conditions and believe my readers and myself would find the information / product interesting and valuable. However, my opinions are my own and if I am unhappy with any samples or gifted items I receive I am under no obligation to promote such products positively or at all. 

However, news about any new and interesting product or service that would work well with my blog is always welcomed. This could be to generate reviews on products, services, websites etc. however, this again is dependent on the same circumstances and conditions as prior. If you would like to get in contact with me about such inquires then please refer to my contact page.

From now on posts which are of a PR nature will be either addressed so as PROMO in the posts title, linked to the Promo tag category or given a * to define which is the promotional product/s within a review post. This doesn't affect my responses or post's authenticity. 

Generally the pictures I use are mine however, I do not religiously refer to the sources of images that I publish. It is normally obvious whether the image is from an external source or belongs to me however, this is something I am trying to address by sourcing my images more often. Due to the nature of blogging the information or images published today may not be accurate in two weeks or two years from now. Content, sources, information and links change over time, so this makes it hard to keep up with the natural evolution of blogging content. If you want to publish any of my own images I would just ask that you source/link them to me. If you see an image I have used without correctly sourcing please, don't hesitate to let me know.

The content of my blog is of my own opinion and my personal views are not the opinions of others. If I am reviewing a brand, company or product it is in response to my own tastes. I try to keep all my content positive so rather write a bad review I will always just focus on the good. But negative reviews are within my rights as a blogger. Furthermore, I am under no obligation to respond and post every email I receive about a service, brand or company and will choose new content at my own discretion. 

Thank you