Tuesday, 27 May 2014

S/S Haul Beauty Buys and Review Video

My makeup bag has had a bit of a Spring / Summer update as I try to ditch my go-to wintery darks and adopt lighter shades for the new season. Although my heart will always have room for black all year through this video delves into some new products that offer an alternative to the staple hue. Alongside liners galore, I discuss an old mascara flame, an item from a brand I never thought I'd buy from in my twenties and a infatuation for a fairly new interest in my life, eyeshadow. So, tune in for this high-street to high-end haul video reviewing my latest splurges. 


  1. Hollie, you beaut! I loved this video, and I have added lots of new products to my never-ending shopping list!
    Which camera and mic did you use to film?
    Daniela | danielascribbles blog xo

    1. Hi Daniela! Thanks for commenting, sorry about making you add more things to your shopping list I have that problem all the time when watching videos.

      My camera is a Canon 600D and the mic is just the camera's mic!


  2. The mascara looks so different than what I'm used to but your eyelashes look great so it must work great hahaha <3 Also, I looooooooooooooooooooooooove tressemé! So I'm sure it will look great on your hair :)

    PS. So excited about reading your post on Sheffield! That will be so helpful for me! ^_^ I'm so excited about moving there even if it's just for half a year for now! :D X


    1. Thank you Cristina! I love the mascara but the TRESemme products were actually a disappointment :(

      Much love,
      Hollie X

    2. Agh REALLY? So bad!! :( I'm really happy with HASK atm - the product I reviewed like months ago. I definitely recommend it, their Keratine gamma is pretty cool. Also, I've heard Lush shampoos work really well but I'm yet to try them :( xx


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